Take Action

You can play a role in establishing a sustainable and productive clean energy sector in the US by becoming a member of the CEBC.

By joining our council, you partner with a community of companies with the identical goal of aiding the country to fulfill its ambition to become more energy-efficient, less degrading, and technically developed in energy production.

Moreover, we approve strategic partnerships with different organizations to promote policy change, educate society, or offer valuable energy business tools. Please contact us to discuss such teamwork opportunities.

Volunteers play a significant part in the realization of our goals and the achievement of our projects. In return, interns and volunteers obtain the privilege of applying their proficiency in renewable energy, legislature, energy efficiency, climate change, journalism, and public health. Additionally, the knowledge acquired by our interns will help them start a profession in an environmental domain.

Kindly note that everyone begins as a volunteer until after a duration of teaming together; we present a formal internship offer to volunteers who are eager to continue with us.