What We Do

The CEBC toils to improve federal, state, and international policies that facilitate market-based strategies to quicken the country’s shift to cleaner, more efficient sources of energy. Moreover, we enable investment in vital programs to stimulate energy inventions and U.S competitiveness in the worldwide clean energy economy.

The CEBC promotes the creation, advancement, and deployment of cleaner, more productive transportation solutions.

When it comes to infrastructure, we expand cleaner, more efficient, accessible, and sustainable energy solutions. CEBC stimulate government leadership and corporate effort on sustainability and pure energy acquisition.

We are an organization committed to enforcing market-based strategies for decreasing environmental pollution and delivering a wide range of safe energy resources. We create an extensive network nationally and internationally to efficiently tackle clean energy tax equity, climate change, financing, and development of the global market.

We form alliances with equipment manufacturers, green power marketers, power developers, independent generators, retailers, and various trade associations.

We have skilled workers responsible for creating and executing policies and programs, promoting the vision and mission of the organization through unwavering commitment.

We provide relevant and realistic industry expertise to responsible policymakers to direct them in enforcing economic, environmental, and energy policy decisions required to accelerate demand for and foster clean energy distribution.