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Clean Energy Business Council

Who We Are

Welcome to the Clean Energy Business Council. We’re an association portraying the private, clean energy sector across the United States. We develop a conversation between the public and private sectors to facilitate proper regulation and schemes to support the growth of this essential sector.

Please learn about us via our about us page. Furthermore, we’ve included our vision and mission to enable individuals and organizations whose intention tallies with ours to collaborate with us to hasten the achievement of our specific goals. Find out how you can take practical and valuable actions towards a clean energy future by visiting our Take Action page.


   Our Vision


To improve the clean energy economy and facilitate cleaner, more efficient, more sustainable, and inexpensive energy solutions.

The Clean Energy Business Council is a non-profit organization whose mission includes to:

Create a forum for various organizations, enterprises, and governmental bodies concerned with the generation and distribution of diverse clean energies in their respective communities

Expand and encourage the use of clean energy, and to make the sector thrive in various regions while creating an awareness of the advantages associated with the utilization of clean energies

Form a collaboration and synergy with governmental bodies, stakeholders, and agencies to develop policies and manage the clean energy sector

Work with international associations, agencies, research institutions, and media to foster the provision of clean energy solutions for various communities

Organize the sourcing of information and data on the industry to measure its growth and ensure its transparency

Help and support private and governmental agencies to hit their sustainability target and low carbon goals in their communities.