About Us

Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) is a forum in the clean energy sector that promotes renewable energies in different communities worldwide for the sustainability of their immediate environment. We’re a council for enterprises and the public sector to discuss fundamental issues that affect the clean energy industry and the practices that promote same.

We play our role in government decision making regarding policies and regulations that affect the clean energy sector. 

Moreover, we gather our members from the industry-relevant stakeholders, including service providers, financiers, researchers, and project developers, enhancing the sector’s growth.

We also ensure upholding our belief while achieving our objectives of creating awareness about clean energy, bridging the gap between the public and private sectors in the industry, and addressing technology problems and data use.

CEBC encourages everyone to become a member of our noble community by establishing and promoting our council in all world regions.

We are a forum that ensures that every community enjoys the benefits of the various clean energies. We achieve our aims through solution-oriented policy frameworks and regulations, educational resources, events, organizations, and networking.

We encourage enterprises who possess the commitment to energy transformation to join us. Moreover, we call on energy efficiency and renewable energy industry leaders, all tiers of government, researchers, and educational bodies, to join us to achieve a sustainable environment.

The members of our council include corporations using environmentally friendly technologies and fuels such as hydropower, wind, solar, natural gas, geothermal, insulation, combined heat and power, and fuel cells.